100 Years of Family Farming

Mr. Dayton was truly a self-made man, and to his own untiring
efforts and well-directed energies was due his success in life. With
the capital he had earned as a farm hand he purchased a small farm.
He began its development with characteristic energy and from early
morning until darkness prevented his further work, he labored in the
interests of himself and family. Care and cultivation produced a
greater yield and ready return. He extended the boundaries of his
farm, until he became the owner of four hundred and fourteen acres of
cultivated land.
He exercised his right of franchise in support of the man and
measures of the Republican party, being a warm advocate of its principals,
fair and honest in his business dealings, and straightforward
in all the relations of life, he won the respect and confidence of
all with whom he was brought in contact, and gained the high regard
of many who remained his warm friends until his death.

Portraits of Andrew Dayton and his wife Marilla Lamport, circa 1883



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